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Feeding Mom

 I get why everyone says my mom is smoking hot. She's young, and with all the money my dad makes, she doesn't have much to do all day except work out, tone her body, and look nice. But what most people don't get is how much of a bitch she can be.

I was in the middle of a videogame with my friend Jon when my mom came home carrying some groceries. She must have gone to the gym beforehand, because she was wearing just her black sports bra, skin tight pants, and looked sweaty.

"Drew, can you help me and get the rest of the groceries from the car?" she called to me. Jon and I were right in the middle of a fierce game.

"In a minute," I yelled back. She was setting down the groceries on the counter.

"No, Drew, now! The milk is going to go bad."

"I'm in the middle, mom!" I yelled, but she wasn't having that. She walked right over and stood in the front of the tv. My view of the screen was now completely obstructed by her sweaty flat midriff.

"Mom!" I yelled, as she bent over and unplugged my console from the wall. Putting one small white hand on her curvy hips defiantly, she pointed at the door to the garage and barked, "Now!"

I grumbled all the way to the car and brought in all the groceries, having to take three trips to do so. She bought so much stuff.

When I got back, she was sitting in my place on the couch, reclining, talking to my friend Jon. My mom had always been very friendly to Jon, probably because as a rich white family, we didn't have a lot of black people in our personal lives.

I hovered over my mom.

"Did you get them all?" she asked me sternly, and I gritted my teeth and nodded. Only then did she giggle and stand up from the couch.

"Well, I feel all gross; I'm going to take a shower," she called to us both, walking away towards her room, "Bye Jon."

"Bye Mrs. Brown," Jon called back. I sat down in my seat; it was all sticky and wet from my mom's sweaty bare body.

"Fucking bitch," I mumbled to my friend, "She always fucks everything up."

"I didn't really mind," my friend returned, grinning, "I like talking to her."

"Yeah, yeah, your stupid crush."

"It's not a stupid crush," Jon said, "Your mom is a fine piece of white meat, Drew. Did you see her body in that sports bra? She's got an amazing toned stomach, like some kind of beach volleyball player. And the jiggle in that tight elastic bra was like she was fucking going through puberty. Not to mention that juicy ass of hers, warm and ripe like a goddamn fuckable peach. I wouldn't mind taking a bite out of those cheeks."

"Shut up. You treat her like she's some hottie from our school, but she's not, she's just my bitch mom."

"Yeah, your bitch mom who I'd like to grab by her curly brown hair and make moan."

"Fuck you."

"Damn, you're really mad, aren't you?"

"She just orders me around and then responds so disproportionately."

The sound of her turning on the shower echoed through the room. You could tell Jon was imagining her taking off her sticky gym clothes and running her soft white body under the steamy hot water.

"Well, have you ever tried to do something about it?" Jon asked.

"What do you mean?"

"If you don't like the way she treats you, have you tried to do something about it?"

"Not fucking really," I offered, "My dad is always out of town on business, I haven't seen him in a month so there's nothing I can really say to him. And since she provides my fucking bed, and cooks my meals, and gives me all my money, I don't see what else I could do."

"Have you tried something, well, a little more covert?" Jon grinned.

"I don't know what you mean," I said, quizzically.

"You could always fuck with her secretly," he suggested, "Fart on her pillow. Piss in her shampoo. Cum in her food."

"That's fucking disgusting," I told him, "I'm not cumming in my mom's food."

"I'll do it," Jon offered a little too eagerly, standing up from his seat and heading to the kitchen. "This is your mom's coconut milk, right? The one only she drinks?"

"Yeah," I said, still unsure of what to think as he walked back to the couch carrying it, "It's not like there's anyone in this house but me and her, and I'm not drinking any of that healthy crap."

"That's good," he said, sitting back down, "Just let me take care of it then."

I don't know why I wasn't more surprised when Jon whipped out his dick right there. I had never seen my friend's penis before, but since he was black, I guess I always just expected it was on the larger side. He seemed to have no shame about pouring a little of the milk into his palm and beginning to stroke fiercely his soft black cock.

I opened my mouth to start to offer an objection, but Jon shushed me down. I shrugged. Maybe this would be funny.

For a while, the only sounds were the running hot water, some small echoes of her high pitched singing voice as she washed her body, and the rhythmic slap as Jon beat his meat across from me.

Jon finally broke the silence, asking me strainedly, "Can you hand me that?" He was pointing at a framed photo on the table beside me.

"Uhh, sure," I said, grabbing it. It was a photo of my mom from the summer, her brown curly hair at her shoulder, big sunglasses over her face, and she was completely bare save for a striking blue bikini that left most of her white fit body exposed.

I handed the image of my mom to my friend, and he licked his lips staring at it. The whoosh of his hand on his cock became louder. I tapped my fingers, waiting patiently and watching my friend beat off, until he flashed me a smile.

"Here we go," he said, dipping the head of his hard cock into the mouth of the coconut milk jug. Stroking just softly at the base, he writhed his legs and began to cum, and I could hear the splash as the jets of cum hit the liquid in the container, splash after splash after splash.

With the sounds of my mom's shower still present, he removed his softening cock from the milk jug, and wiped the excess jizz on its lips. "Just making sure we get it all in," he reassured me.

Putting the cap back onto the jug, he shook it a few times vigorously before putting his spent cock back in his pants and zipping up.

"Perfect," he said, standing up to return the jug to the refrigerator, "Just wait until she drinks this."

I allowed myself a hearty laugh. Whatever reservations I had had, they seemed to disappear when I realized how funny this secret punishment would be.

We had started playing another video game when my mom walked in, finished with her shower. Her curly brown hair was still slightly wet, but she had on a casual low cut black-and-white-striped dress that hugged her body tightly and left a fair amount of cleavage with her moderate boobs.

"I think videogame time is over," she said, coming over the couch, "I want to watch tv."

"But mom, we just began," I retorted angrily.

"Hush," she uttered dismissively, "I need you to start to fix dinner anyway."

I groaned and stood up, and she took my place on the couch, reclining fully again with the remote.

"You don't mind Jon, do you?" she asked politely in her cute high pitched voice.

"No ma'am," answered my grinning friend, who seemed happy to get to stare at her body in that finely fitting dress.

From the kitchen, I could see into the television room where the two watched. I began going through the fridge, filling a pot of water to boil, and fixing a salad. When I looked up, my friend had joined my mom on the couch, her knees bent and curled down to make room for him with her reclined outstretched body. When I had fished the pasta out of the water and strained it, she had switched positions, so that her curly head of hair was now squat in his lap with her feet outstretched to the other side. She was on her side to see the television, which must have given Jon a full view down the cleavage of her dress.

"Well," Jon said, starting to stand up, patting my mom on her hips so that she'd move her head from his warm lap, "I should be going home. Thanks for letting me spend time over, Mrs. Brown."

"Don't mention it," my mom politely squealed, grabbing a pillow to replace where her head was resting.

"See you later, man," Jon said to me, winking as I finished making dinner.

A few minutes passed and I had everything ready. My mom stood up lazily from where she had been resting on the couch and sat down at the dinner table. I had everything on the table already.

"Can you grab my coconut milk?" called my mom, sitting down. I froze, but then smiled to myself and grabbed the tampered jug from the fridge.

I ate my pasta slowly, watching her carefully from across the table. So far she had opened the jug, poured its spunky liquid into her glass, but she hadn't taken a sip. She looked tired, and she twirled her pasta with her fork into small bites.

Finally, she swallowed a small bite, and then reached for the glass. I began to feel nervous, what if she could taste it? What would I say? Should I stop her now? How would I explain myself?

But I was too late. She parted her dainty lips and let the white milk flow into her mouth and down her throat. I could see each gulp as it passed into her body. She downed the glass of my friend's cum in that one go; she had to pour herself more from the on-hand jug.

Not only did she not seem to notice the tons of jizz my friend had squirted in her beverage, it seemed to wake her up a bit. She smiled at me chipperly after, asked me about my day, and started being not a total bitch to me for the first time all afternoon.

But every time she reached for the glass and took a gulp, I couldn't help but imagine my friend's big black cock right next to her mouth. She was opening her gullet and letting him shove that black cock in, convulse between her lips, and send his white sticky seed into her body. Every time she took a sip of his cum, that was all I could see.

The meal finished, my mom offered to finish the dishes, but then she was heading out to meet some friends. I sat with her, her cleavage wobbling in that dress as she cleaned each dish, and then she leaned in to kiss me goodbye before she left.

Reluctantly, I let her plant a big wet one on my cheek, but then the moment she left I scrubbed my face hard in the bathroom.

My mom drank that coconut milk for breakfast, she had a glass with lunch, after the gym, and with dinner. Every time she took it out of the fridge, an evil smile spread across my face as I watched her unwillingly consume all that semen squirted from my friend's sweaty cock and balls. When I told Jon how much she was drinking, he smiled widely and gave me a big high five.

When she had gulped down the entire jug and started a new one, Jon simply defiled that one too. Every time Jon came over now, we waited until my mom was out of the house or in the other room and I would sit across from Jon as he held the bikini photo of my mom and squeezed out a fat sticky load for her to drink down.

In the next few weeks, not only did my mom not notice that her drinks were full of Jon's cum, but she seemed to drink even more. I had never really paid attention to how much she drank, but these days, it felt like she was always pouring herself a big glass of my friend's cum and then licking the excess white milk off her puffy lips.

It became a common sight to come home and see my mom, sweaty and half naked from the gym, gulping down the defiled white liquid right from the jug, a small trail dripping from the corner of her petite mouth.

Jon never seemed to tire of dipping his cockhead into the liquid and filling it up with some warm new nutrients for my mom.

After a few weeks of cumming in her milk, we devised new tricks. Jon came in her shampoo, in her yoghurt containers, in her special margarine and her egg beaters and her salad dressing. Pretty soon, almost everything my mom ate or drank was diluted with the sticky white mess Jon dripped from his cock every time he visited. Pretty soon, I joked, he might as well just ejaculate right onto her face.

There came to be one day, though, when things got too far. I slept in instead of picking up some dry cleaning that my mom needed, and she was so furious that she took my Xbox and sold it on the internet.

"What a goddamn bitch!" I steamed to Jon that afternoon, "I want to punish her fucking so hard for this."

Jon laughed. "I can make an extra big wad for her today," he said, eager to start her punishment, "I'll give her a second serving of nut butter in her cream cheese."

"No, that's not going to work this time," I responded furiously, "We can't keep being covert. We have to teach her a lesson, show her that she can't just be such a bitch this time."

"What, like blackmail her? Get her to buy you a new Xbox?" Jon suggested.

"Yeah, that's it exactly!"

I started rambling about how we were going to find something on her, something that would put her on her knees in front of us and get her to stop being such a bitch.

"I don't know what you're expecting to find," Jon noted, "Your mom doesn't do anything except work out."

I wasn't sure either. So one Saturday, Jon and I put on some baggy clothes and decided to follow my mom around, see what kind of shit she might be doing. In the early morning, we tailed her to the gym, watching her from a bench across the room. Her fit body moving rhythmically on the treadmill seemed to capture Jon's attention. When we were up front, he was staring at her jiggling cleavage, glistening with sweat in the tight sports bra. Then from behind, her swaying hips and succulent ass was making my friend drool. I frowned.

We watched her do her exercises, spreading and twisting her body on a yoga mat into all sorts of contortions. She arched her back and stuck her ass in the air. She spread her legs and thrust upwards and down. She even stretched her back such that the tips of her buoyant butt cheeks began to peek out of her elastic pants.

We had to drive extra fast to get back home before she did, but we succeeded. Jon and I sat on the couch, watching her drink down her coconut milk before she sashayed over to her room to strip and take a shower.

When my mom emerged from the shower in a blue blouse tied at her chest so that her middriff was bare, we began to worry that this really was all she did all day. Jon stayed for dinner, watching her spread her tainted margarine onto toast, gulping down his cum in her coconut milk.

After dinner, though, my bare stomach mom told us she was heading out to the mall to do some shopping.

"Now's our chance," I said to my friend, hurrying to get in my car and follow her. We had to speed to catch up to her, but we were able to get on her tail.

She parked by a big department store, and Jon stepped out of the passenger door.

"You wait here," he said, "in case I lose her and she comes out. I'll go in a track her there."

I parked in a spot looking over my mom's empty vehicle, and waited with the engine running.

After a few minutes, he texted me a photo of her alone, going down an escalator. "Keep up the surveillance," I texted back.

The next photo came a few minutes later: my mom looking at dresses, a pretty saleswoman in a short skirt helping her sort through the walls of clothes. She was carrying a few more bags; it looked like she had bought a few things.

Eventually, Jon sent me a photo from fairly up close of my mom in the beach shop, looking at red, orange, and blue bikinis: small strips of fabric on even smaller hangers. The next shot was her stepping out of a dressing room in just the tiny red bikini, her fit body glowing in the store lights and the handsome young clerk smiling and nodding, urging her to purchase the sexy garment.

Jon didn't sent me any more messages after that, and I began to worry. I stared back and forth between the empty car and the entrance to the mall.

Finally, when the mall was about to close, out came my smiling mom, walking almost arm and arm with my also-smiling friend Jon. He was carrying a ton of her bags, many of them from the beach shop, and her arms were full too. Under the lights of the empty night parking lot, my big black friend and petite white mom laughed and made their way to her car.

When I was on the road, following my mom back home, Jon finally texted me.

"sry, she saw me and i hd to play it cool".

"Whatever," I shrugged, and headed back home after my mom.

When I got in, she was in the kitchen pouring Jon a glass of water and pouring herself a glass of the heavily tainted semen soaked milk. She explained to me how funny it was to run into my friend at the mall, and how much of a charmer he was to help her carry her bags.

My friend grinned as my sexy mom lauded him, and I only slightly frowned.

The next day, my mom was out, and Jon was jacking off into her milk. This time, he used the photos of her on his phone from the day before, showing me how many more he had taken once my mother had noticed him and enlisted his help in picking out swimsuits.

He had photos of my mom in sexy outfits, from the small blue bikinis she loved to some slim party dresses, sexy small gym wear, and even a few in some risque lingerie. My mom played the wonderful model the entire time, giving my friend and his camera a seductive glare, radiant with mature desire.

"So yesterday was a bust," I said after my friend had finished cumming and stuffed his junk back in his pants.

"Maybe not," he said to me, smiling.

"How so?"

"Well, I got to spend some nice time with your mom," he reminded me, "And we were talking a lot. She's a nice woman, very fun and very sexy. I'm sure she does all kind of embarrassing things that she would eventually dish to me if she and I got closer."

I thought about his proposal. It felt wrong and dirty to give my blessing for this big black friend to prey on my mother, but I couldn't think of any good reason to object. And it wasn't like I could stop him now.

My life changed after that. I almost barely saw my friend anymore. He would still stop by to play maybe one round of games, cum in my mom's milk, and then say goodbye, but mostly, he was out with my mom. They went to the gym together, she modelled more and more outfits for him. It wasn't unusual to get a text from her that she and he had gone out to lunch, or to the beach for a day in the sun, or even clubbing late into the night. I remember a time she and he came home, she was piss drunk and stumbling around the kitchen with her dress hiked up nearly to her waist and he was laughing. But every time I asked him if he finally had the information, he just said not yet.

He began spending even more time around my house, just not with me. I would play video games alone, and they would be in her room, the door closed. I wondered how hard he was working to get that information. Sometimes, I would come out of my room in the middle of the night and he would be sleeping on the couch, having spent late nights up with my mother, but eventually, he just slept in her room since my dad was always gone and I'd see him making breakfast in the morning. I asked him what he did in there, behind those closed doors with my mom, but he just told me it was boring stuff and I should wait.

Finally, I had enough. He and my mom were outside by the pool, her in a pink bikini on a lounging chair and he swimming laps around the water. I called for my mom to help me with something inside, when I pulled her aside and confronted her.

"What are you and Jon doing spending so much time together?" I asked her, and she wiped the brown hair out of her face.

"Oh, honey, just being friends," she said, smiling gently, "Why, are you not okay with it?"

I looked into her smiling face, with those wide eyes and feminine cheeks, and I struggled with my phrasing.

"I guess not," I said, "It's just--"

"Just what?" she inquired, sounding concerned.

"I don't know, nevermind."

"Great!" she smiled widely. She walked over to the refrigerator and poured yet another class of spunky coconut milk. As she gulped it down, I just saw my friend convulsing his balls into that jug and that big black cock hovering by her sweet lips...

As my mom busied herself in the kitchen, I proceeded outside to try to talk to Jon. He was drying his big body off on the side of the pool.

"Hey man," I said.


"I think we need to call this all off," I said.

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's just, I don't feel we're getting anywhere with this, and maybe I overreacted about the punishment idea. I think we need to stop everything. You don't need to keep pressing for information, you don't need to follow her around, and you don't need to jizz in her milk anymore."

Jon looked at me concerned.

"Listen," he said, putting a big wet hand on my shoulder, "I think we're really close to getting somewhere. Tonight I'm going out with your mom to this big gala opening. It's the only thing she's been talking about for weeks. She's been buying dresses, and she's getting her hair done soon by this incredible new sexy hairdresser. She's going to be stunning, and tonight's going to be the night it's all going down. So I think if you let me have just this one final day, we can get the information and be done."

I was hesitant, but I didn't really have a choice. I said okay.

"Great," he said, "Here's the plan."

Jon set me up with a computer in his room, back at his house. He would come by, pick me and my mom off, then drop me off at his house to spend the night. I would bunk there alone, watching on the monitor, which was hooked up to a hidden camera he would place in my mom's room. He would get her to spill the beans about something to give us leverage, and then if she got so mad at having been tricked, I wouldn't be even in the house: I would be far away and safe from her angry wrath. That is, until she realized how in control we were. Then she would be a perfect little mom, letting me play video games and do whatever I wanted.

I was in the kitchen when my mom came out ready to go. She was indeed very dressed up. She had a long black gown, very slick and sexy, with a plunging neckline that positioned her moderate tits like two hands were holding them outwards, and an elegant arch in the back that I failed to immediately notice was just the natural shape of her rump. She had her curly hair up in a bun, such the sexy back of her neck was exposed, and her light makeup just accentuated that she looked not only unlike a mother, but like a barely legal teenager.

"I'm so excited," said my mom, skipping in her high heels out the door where Jon was waiting to drive. I followed her, got into the backseat, and they swiftly dropped me off. I headed into Jon's room, and sat on the bed.

I sat eating hot pockets and watching television late into the evening. I almost wanted to sleep, but I waited at the monitor, hoping for some signs of movement so that the show would begin.

The picture was crystal clear, and I jumped up when I saw the door open and my friend walk in. He was carrying my mom's drunk body in his arms. He positioned her gently on the bed, then turned around. The camera was so close, I could see the goosebumps on the back of my mom's neck and she rolled over drunkenly and sat up.

"Jon, Jon, Jon," she slurred, and he sat down next to her on the bed.

"Yes beautiful?" he said to her, placing one of his big hands onto her hip.

"I'm hungry," she told him in her high pitched voice.

"You ate so much at the party," he said, scooting closer.

"I'm just starving!" she wailed, "Feel." She took his other hand and placed it on her toned flat stomach, over the sensual black dress.

Jon glanced at the camera and shot me a smile. "I can't feel how hungry you are that way," he said.

"Of course," slurred my mom, standing up and jumping to the other side of the room. She was standing before my friend, who was leaning back on the bed.

"I have to do this for you to feel it," she said, and she slipped her thumbs under the thin black straps of dress on her shoulders, flinging them down in one quick motion. Her dress fell off her creamy white shoulders in an elegant swoosh, and there stood my fit mother, bare breasted in only a tiny black though, her toned and feminine body a mesmerizing and sexy sight.

At this, I tried to yell to the screen but it was no use.

She approached Jon and placed his hand to her perfect flat stomach again.

"Can you feel it now?" she asked again sexily, "How hungry I am?"

He gave her tan belly a small pinch, and the youthful elasticity of my mother's body snapped it right back into its perfect place.

"Well," asked Jon, "What would you like to eat?"

My mom straddled her long elegant legs around my friend's black body.


In moments, he was completely undressed and slipping the black thongs down my mom's behind and onto the floor, where she kicked it off to the far corners of the room. She reached onto him and grabbed his big black meaty cock, the same cock I had seen squirt gallons of potent cum into her beverages over the last few weeks.

My mom's succulent lips traced his cock down to its hard bulbous head, and I realized that this scene was the one I had had in my head every time she drank her milk; my mom's naked body accepting his, licking her lips and opening her mouth to take in the nutrients of his black masculine penis.

My mom gave Jon a miraculous blowjob in which drool spilled in all directions down the cylindrical cock, slurps blasted from the speakers, and the tip of my friend's penis traveled so far down my mom's throat that I could have sworn I saw its bulge on the inside of her stomach.

When she wasn't sucking down his cock, she was stroking it vigorously with two hands, looking into his eyes with full devotion to his chiseled body and magnificent member. It was clear this was not their first time; this is what they'd be doing all those weeks.

Jon's big black sweaty balls were the size of two grapefruits, and my mom cupped them in her dainty white hands, rolling them in her palms and even sucking on them, swallowing their juices. My mom was as meticulous with orally pleasuring my friend as she was with packing lunches when I was a kid.

When his cock was rock hard and pulsing, my mom's quivering body rose in excitement, and she ruthless grabbed the steamy member with her tiny white fingers. They couldn't even fully encircle his girth, but that didn't matter, and she jubilantly guided the black rod between her shaking legs gleefully accepted the slimy rod still sticky with slobber.

Here, Jon took over, as he grabbed her by the hips and pumped into her like she was just some kind of toy. He so effortlessly lifted her weight with his arms, only to slam it back down onto the full length of his shaft so fast that my mom barely had a minute to moan before she was rising back in the air to take his cock again.

As the sounds of their passionate coitus filled the room, I tried to turn off the monitor, lower the volume, and even leave the room, but it was all locked and inaccessible. I was trapped.

All my mom's hours of sweat and work at the gym paid off here, where her physical vigour and healthy young body allowed her to fuck like a prize horse. The black friend slammed all his inches into my mother's petite yet firm body, and she writhed and coiled in ecstasy and pleasure.

I felt the distinct presence of my own fatty gut as I watched these two fit sex beasts fuck like frenzied animals.

The bed was a mess of sweat and sex juices when my mom's orgasmic fluids flooded my friend's thighs, and Jon removed his hard and slippery cock from her body. She immediately pounced on it with her tongue, cleaning and stroking the excited erection, eager to receive the fruits of all her labor.

Jon held my mom's curly hair, and she flicked his cock head with her tongue. The first big jet of pure cum exploded into the front of her hair, but she was quick and immediately enveloped the entire long schlong down her throat, where I watched her eyes roll back as my friend fed my mom his substantive cream directly into her fir fertile belly.

She gagged the cock out but it was not finished erupting. It was potent and unending as it covered my mom's face in sticky white goo, it drenched her pretty neck and white shoulders, and it dripped its final massive drops onto her perky round titties, before it softened and stuck to his leg with fleshy adhesion.

The room grew silent, just the panting of the two partners as Jon reclined and closed his eyes, and my mom dismounted his black body.

"See?" she said, standing up, and glaring right at the camera, "See what you get, my little boy, when you try to punish me?"

She walked right up to the camera and stared into my eyes. Her cum soaked face and body was directly facing the camera, and thus me.

"You think your spoiled ass was abused by my asking for help around the house? You thought you'd enlist your handsome friend to try to trick me, to let you play some fucking video games?"

Keeping her gaze constant, she licked cum off her lips and swallowed it into her body.

"Well that's fucking over. You're absolutely done, my little son. All the luxuries you enjoy, the television, the video games, the everything. You're over eighteen, my boy, I am not responsible for you. Get out of my house and let's see how you fend for yourself."

She smiled maliciously and walked back to the bed, where she sprawled out facing me and grabbed his soft black cock in her hand. It wobbled and shook with its mass and girth, and she smiled as a trail of leftover cum dribbled from the tip.

"Jon here can cum in my milk anytime he wants, sugar plum. He can cum in my stomach directly if he wants, as you've already seen." A big dormant hand rose from Jon's resting body and positioned itself cupping my mom's firm fit ass.

"You see, this whole time, you haven't punished me at all." She lurched forwards and slurped up the cum drop at the tip of his penis.

"You've just given me a big black tasty meal."


Dinner at Steve's

This last weekend our friend Steve invited my wife Jolene and I over to his house for dinner and a hot tub. Steve has had the pleasure of joining my wife and I in a threesome several times at our house over the last couple of years. I get off watching my wife have sex with other men and Steve is a very close friend of ours, he is one of several friends who regularly share my wife.

Steve's wife travels quite a bit and this weekend she was out of town on business. My opinion is that his wife, Cary, is having an affair out of town as she travels quite a bit and has kind of put Steve on the backburner. We have been naked in their hot tub with them many times however Cary always finds a way to put a damper on the evening before the fun really starts. At any rate that's another story in itself, we enjoy Steve's company and both my wife and I enjoy Steve fucking her.

This particular evening Jolene wore a very short skirt to Steve's house with no panties; her freshly shaved pussy was almost showing the skirt was so short. Jolene had shaved her pussy just for Steve, as he likes my wife's pussy completely bare. I myself enjoy just a touch of landing strip above her beautiful pussy. Jolene's 38D breasts were just about to fall out of the small zip up tank top she had on and her fine long tanned legs were finished off with a nice pair of high-heeled sandals. Jolene looked hot and ready for a night of great nasty sex.

We arrived at Steve's house about an hour or so before dusk and he greeted us at his private patio entrance. Steve and Cary's house is quite secluded and once inside their yard you are completely alone in the world. As we entered the patio Steve had our drinks ready and while handing Jolene her drink held her close as they embraced. My cock started stirring just thinking of what was on for the evening for the three of us. As Jolene and Steve embraced her hand moved to his crotch as his hands deftly unzipped her tank top and exposed her breasts, rolling her hard nipples between his fingers and thumbs. As they broke the kiss Jolene and I took a seat on the barstools at the bar-b-que where Steve was about to throw on some steaks.

We sat and talked about our workweek and the weather all the time Steve and I barely able to take our eyes off of Jolene's exposed pussy, her skirt had ridden up her thighs exposing her firm white skin. Jolene had zipped up her tank just enough to contain her tits but several times when she reached for something on the counter top one of her breasts would become exposed. Jolene was sitting between us and occasionally we would each embrace her and steal a quick feel of her fine body. I had to get up to use the restroom and while in the restroom, as I made my way back toward the patio through the house I stopped where I had a clear view of the patio and watched as Jolene and Steve were locked in an embrace, his hands having removed her breasts from her tank and taking his time fondling her.

As I was about to make my entrance onto the patio I saw the patio door open and in walk another man. Jolene and Steve stopped dead in their tracks, Jolene making a feeble attempt to cover her while Steve made his way to greet the new visitor. Before I could get to the patio Steve was introducing Walter to Jolene and he was taking my seat at the counter. I stepped onto the patio bringing a chair from the kitchen with me. Steve introduced me to his neighbor Walter who was visiting his mother for a while and had popped by to see if Steve was up to going out for the night. By the looks of Walter taking in Jolene I could tell he was quickly getting other ideas in his head, my wife's pussy was still quite in view and Walter was enjoying the view.

Taking my seat in the kitchen chair I was just about at pussy level and my cock was still half hard watching Jolene expose herself not only to our close friend Steve but also this friend Walter. Jolene had been holding her breasts in her arms and knew that sooner or later she would have to let go and expose herself. The moment was now and standing up she slipped her breasts into her top while just pulling the zipper up enough to hold herself together. Jolene looked at me and I smiled. My wife made her way to my chair and bending over gave me a long delicious kiss while I am sure she was giving Walter and Steve a clear view of her fine tanned ass with the g-string thong tan.

Jolene asked if anyone needed a drink and went into the kitchen to make a new round. Walter tried making small talk while watching Jolene move around the kitchen but eventually asked whom Jolene was. I explained that Jolene was my wife and that she and I had come over to Steve's for dinner and a hot tub and asked if he would like to join us. About this time Jolene came from the kitchen and was standing in the doorway as Walter explained he did not have a swimsuit with him. Jolene smiled wickedly and said "neither to we, that's the fun of it!" I ran my hand up my wife's thigh and could feel the heat from her pussy even before my fingers brushed her pussy lips. Jolene spread her legs slightly allowing my quick rub of her pussy before resuming her position on the barstool between Walter and Steve. We all were a little awkward and quickly finished this round of drinks, two down and who knows how many more to go! I volunteered to make the next round to give the three of them time alone and watched intently as Steve made his way over to Jolene and lightly fondled her breasts through her tank top while reaching for the steaks. Steve then threw the steaks on the grill as I came back with the new drinks. We visited for a while as the steaks were cooking.

Jolene excused herself to go watch a movie on Steve's big screen TV and left the three of us talking. It wasn't long before Walter asked the big question, "Are you alright with your wife behaving like this? I laughed a little at Walter standing there looking perplexed. He is about 6' 1" tall, around 180 lbs with long hair and a very gentle demeanor about him. I explained that Jolene loved to fuck and suck cocks and that I enjoyed watching her almost as much as she enjoyed it. Steve followed up by letting Walter know that we had planned a threesome for the evening and he was a pleasantly unexpected visitor. Both Steve and I concurred that Jolene was probably ok with the new twist as she looked like she was ready to fuck us all. From inside the house we heard Jolene yell that she was out of drink and wanted someone to wait on her. Steve and I both looked at Walter and he immediately yelled back he would bring the next round to all of us.

It was now becoming a little dusk as Walter made his way into the house to mix the drinks. Steve turned down the heat on the grill and we waited a few minutes before moving to where we could get a clear view of the living room where Jolene was half reclined on the sofa. My cock was almost as hard as a rock anticipating what may happen. Walter entered the living room carrying two drinks. Steve and I watched as Walter handed Jolene her drink. Jolene was sitting back on the sofa and I am sure Walter had a clear view of her inviting pussy. As Walter leaned forward to hand my wife her drink Jolene leaned forward and placed a kiss fully on Walter's lips. Breaking the kiss Jolene leaned back into the leather sofa again as Walter joined her, leaning in for another long kiss. Steve and I watched as Walter's hands moved across my wife's body to her lovely chest as he undid the zipper of her tank top and revealed her luscious tits. Jolene leaned forward enough for Walter to completely remove her tank top, as she turned sideways on the sofa one leg on the sofa and the other dangling to the side.

Walter's hand smoothly moved to my wife's crotch as he slipped a finger into her hot pussy, both of them still locked in an embrace. Jolene was running her hands over Walter's naked back as her hips moved with his hands. They broke their kiss as Jolene gently pushed Walter backwards down on the sofa. My wife leaned forward, her breasts swaying under her as she unzipped Walter's pants and pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. Walter's cock was hard and about six or seven inches long with a curve upward. Jolene now leaned completely forward and swirled her tongue around the head of his dick, her right hand moving up to pinch Walter's nipples.

Jolene was moving up and down on Walter's cock as her left hand pumped him in rhythm her sucking. Walter's hands moved down to my wife's hard nipples and began tugging on them as Jolene brought him over the edge. Walter's hips were meeting each movement of my wife's head as she sucked him off and licked his hard shaft. I stood there with my cock hard and straining against my pants. Turning to look at Steve I could tell he too was mesmerized by Jolene's performance and his bulge told his story also.

Jolene stood from the sofa and slipped back into her tank top, not bothering to zip it up. As she stood over Walter she smiled at Steve and I and gave us a little girl wave of her hands. Heading back to our drinks on the patio Jolene joined us and gave me a very passionate kiss while squeezing my hard cock through my pants. I knew she had just sucked off Walter but it made no difference to me as we kissed. My wife slid up behind Steve, reaching around him and feeling his cock as he was turning the steaks. Stepping back a little Jolene spread her legs and with her hands on her hips asked if we had enjoyed the show. Naturally we both grinned from ear to ear and I told her I couldn't wait for the second act.

Jolene took her seat on the barstool just as Walter appeared again with all four drinks, looking a little nervously at Steve and me. Taking my drink and handing Steve his we all toasted a lovely evening and a great night ahead. It took a few minutes but Walter relaxed and was able to join in our small talk although his gaze kept returning to my wife's bare chest and clean shave pussy. The steaks were just about done and we all made preparations for dinner, setting the plates on the clear patio table. It was very enjoyable eating on the patio under torchlight, my wife half dressed in front of the three of us. I enjoy very much my wife exposing herself and having sex with other men and this was certainly a treat.

After finishing dinner Steve suggested we take a break and listen to some music before heading to the hot tub. The four of us moved to the living room as Steve turned on the stereo and slipped in some smooth jazz. As Steve turned from the stereo he asked Jolene to dance and she melted into his arms. Walter and I watched as the two of them moved slowly around the living room. Jolene's hands were around Steve's neck while Steve's hands were resting on the small of her back. Slowly as they danced Steve slid his right hand down her side and began moving his hand slowly up and down her thigh occasionally exposing her fine ass under the short skirt. Steve reached up and peeled off her unzipped tank top and let it fall to the floor. My wife was now dancing with Steve topless as Walter and I watched, him from the sofa and I from an overstuffed chair. As the song ended and another began I excused myself to make another round of drinks and hit the restroom.

On my return I watched as Jolene was now sandwiched between Steve and Walter as she slowly swayed to the music. Walter was behind my wife and his fingers hooked the waistband of her short skirt and slowly he peeled it over her ass and down her long legs. Jolene stepped provocatively from the skirt as it hit the ground and moved backward to press her body against Walter. Walter's hands moved down her firm stomach and came to rest on her bare pussy, one hand holding her tight and the other exploring the folds of her pussy. As Jolene danced against Walter his fingers found her most sensitive of spots and brought her to an orgasm while holding her up with his other arm. Steve stood in front of Jolene rubbing his crotch through his pants as my wife gathered herself.

As I entered the room I suggested we hit the hot tub as I peeled my clothes from my body, my hard cock standing straight in front of me. Jolene took me by the hand as we headed to the hot tub while Walter and Steve wasted no time in leaving their clothes behind also. Within a few steps we were out of the house and into the hot water. The natural rock formation of the hot tub under the starlit night made for a very enjoyable atmosphere as my wife sat on my lap and we exchanged a most intimate kiss. My hands were roaming her hot wet body as we explored each other with our kiss. Jolene's hand was pumping my cock making it even harder than when I watched her being brought to orgasm by Walter's hand. Steve and Walter made their way into the hot tub, their cocks as hard as mine, and sat across from us against the opposite wall.

As we visited more we were once again out of drink and Jolene volunteered to bring another round. The three of us watched as my beautiful wife stood and then exited the hot tub. Her body glistened with hot water and steam rose from her as she made her way to the kitchen. As I looked across the hot tub both Walter and Steve were watching my wife's tanned body make her way across the patio toward the house, her hips swaying with each step. When Jolene disappeared into the house both of them in unison turned to me and smiled. I mentioned how fine Jolene looked and they both agreed and toasted in the air as if they were holding drinks to a great night and a great woman.

A few moments later Jolene emerged from the house carrying a tray with the four drinks. As my wife made her way back to the hot tub the light reflected off her body as her large breasts moved with each step. Jolene neared our spot, her white bare pussy was the center of attention as she stood with her legs slightly parted just above my head. Bending forward Jolene handed me my drink from the tray and slowly stepped into the hot tub and moved seductively across the hot water toward Steve and Walter. Each of our friends took their drinks from the tray as Jolene took hers and sat between the two men. My wife was sipping her drink as Steve and Walter took a healthy slug and again toasted my beautiful wife, this time with actual drinks in their hands. Jolene smiled and thanked us all for a great evening that was getting better all of the time.

Steve raised himself from the hot water taking a seat on a flat rock just to my right; his cock was hard and poking toward the sky. Jolene smiled across the hot tub at me and winked, looking toward Steve's Jolene licked her lips and set her drink down. In a smooth motion my wife made her way across the hot tub and raising slightly she took Steve's waiting cock into her mouth. My wife was just a couple of feet from me as I watched her take my friend's cock into her mouth and begin one of her wonderful blow jobs. I watched as her lips moved up and down his shaft and as her tongue circled his head when she would slight take her mouth from his cock, the next motion would see his entire cock disappear into my wife's mouth, her check concaving with each deep throat action. I was pumping my cock under the water as I took in my wife pleasuring my friend.

Walter was watching my wife from behind as she was bent over swallowing Steve. As my wife rocked back and forth Walter stood up in the hot tub, his cock too was hard and the upward curve made it look longer than I had first thought. He made his way the couple of feet across the hot water and taking my wife by her hips he eased his cock into her pussy. Stepping just a bit closer he was now taking my wife from behind, each thrust pushing Jolene further into Steve's cock. Jolene was sucking on my friend while his neighbor fucked her from behind, her tits swaying under her just grazing the hot water as her body moved forward and back. It was Walter whose body began to stiffen first as his groaning indicated he was about to cum. My wife was making unintelligible noises on Steve's cock as Walter was thrusting harder and pulling my wife by the hips into his. Steve was on the brink and as my wife continued her blowjob Steve's cock let loose and Jolene sucked his sperm into her mouth as best she could.

Steve was giving her quite the load as some of his spunk was running from the side of her mouth as she licked his cock clean. Walter withdrew from my wife as she stood upright, her hands running over her breasts as she was vibrating from her own orgasm. My cock was about to explode, only the hot water kept me from cumming in my hand. Jolene stepped across the hot tub and laid down on the flat rock surface right next to me, raising her legs and spreading them wide. I needed no further prompting as I buried my face in her freshly fucked pussy. I could taste Walter's cum on her pussy and her pussy was as slick as I have ever felt it. Jolene was still vibrating with orgasm as I sucked on her clit and moved my finger in and out of her pussy.

I stood and stepped out of the spa, helping my wife up from the deck. I lay on my back as Jolene lowered her pussy onto my cock. Taking my wife by her hips and pulling her toward me we began fucking in the moonlight both sweaty and wet from the hot tub and the sex. Jolene was tweaking my nipples as I continued pulling her hips into mine. With all that I had just seen and what was happening to me at this time it wasn't long before I too added my sperm to her pussy that is just made for fucking. Jolene stiffened as I pumped my cock into her and then slid forward to lay on my chest as we both were gasping for air.

Walter and Steve were sitting again in the hot tub as Jolene slid back into the water rubbing herself with the hot water and dunking her head under the water. I eased back into the water as my wife took a seat next to me. We finished our drinks as the water became too hot for all of and we decided to take a seat at the patio table. We four sat there naked in the moonlight sipping our drinks and visiting about really nothing in particular. Jolene was the first to get up and disappear into the house. A few minutes later my wife emerged wearing her short skirt and carrying her tank top and my clothes.

I dressed as Jolene moved to Walter and gave him a lingering kiss goodbye. My wife moved to my friend and gave him a long deep kiss as he fondled her swaying breasts. As I completed dressing Jolene slipped into her tank top and blew them both a kiss as she headed toward the door. I gave my two friends, one new and one old, a handshake as I said goodbye. Both Walter and Steve almost on cue thanked us for coming by and suggested we do this again sometime. Jolene leaning against the French doors smiled as she said she could hardly wait for another hot tub evening. Jolene and I left Steve's and headed back home to fall asleep in each other's arms, naked and spent. My thoughts were filled with watching my wife fucking and sucking and I am sure Jolene fell asleep satisfied with her evening of sex.

Jolene 'Meats' Her Ex-Husband

Spring had sprung and Jolene and I needed to step out for a night of fun, deciding to go to a jazz club about a 20-minute drive from our home. I slipped into a nice pair of slacks, some loafers and a neatly pressed long sleeve shirt, I was feeling pretty good about myself as I left Jolene still deciding what to wear. My wife had just finished her make-up and was standing in her closet going through her clothes. I stopped at the doorway to take in her long tanned legs, fine firm ass and very supple tits, my cock began stirring as she told me to go away and let her dress in peace!! I reached for her chest as she pushed the door closed telling me I was a dirty old man!! I responded that was why I married a pretty young slut!!! As I turned the corner I thought I heard a shoe hit the door! Man I love my wife!!

I was sitting in the family room surfing cable when my wife entered through the kitchen. I just about knocked my beer off the coffee table as I sat up to take in the sexiest woman I know. Pretty red toenails were exposed under her strapped sandals that were clinging to her little feet. Moving up her calves to above her thighs I saw Jolene was standing before me in a short black flouncey mini skirt that revealed most of her tanned thighs and barely covered her firm round ass cheeks as she turned slowly around in front of me. Stopping to put her hands on her hips I admired the long sleeved white shirt that draped from her body, one of mine that she liked to wear. The white shirt is not quite transparent, is very soft and looks great on her fine body. The lower three buttons were buttoned leaving the upper four open, just about revealing her large breasts that were held in place by a white lace shelf bra, her hard nipples pressing against the shirt above the bra. As my wife bent down to turn off the remote to the TV I had a very nice view of her hard nipples as the shirt fell open. I had a feeling this was going to be a great night.

As I helped my wife into the car I noticed a small light pink thong covered her neatly shaved pussy as her legs parted and she swung into the passenger seat. Her skirt rode up on her thighs just about revealing her panties to anyone who could see into the car. As we drove cross-town to the jazz club my hand slid up and down my wife's thighs and lingered occasionally on her panty-covered pussy. I could feel my wife's pussy getting hot as my fingers rubbed over her neatly trimmed bush through the thin material. Jolene turned and lifted one leg onto the seat allowing me to slip a finger under her panties and into her slick pussy. Leaning against the door my wife opened her blouse and began tugging on her nipples as I finger fucked her while trying to pay attention to the road. Pulling off the highway I stopped at a signal light and really worked her pussy watching as my wife came against my finger. Hearing a horn behind me I came back to reality and made a right turn waving my cum covered fingers to the car behind me in thanks. It was just a short distance to the jazz club and by the time we arrived at the valet parking Jolene had buttoned her shirt back together and turned in her seat to check her lipstick in the mirror. The odor of sex was definitely in the car as we pulled up to the valet parking area.

The young valet met our car at the curb and quickly opened the passenger door taking in the site of Jolene's long legs as she swung them one at a time from her seat. By the look on his face it was obvious he was focused on my wife's pussy. I could only guess he was also treated to a nice view of her tits as she stood up while holding his hand. Taking my wife by the hand we entered the jazz club finding it not too crowded with several tables still available. We found a table about two rows from the large dance floor and settled in, sitting next to each other facing the band. Looking around the room I noticed several men taking in Jolene sitting with her legs crossed next to me. The waitress stepped up and took our drink orders as the band began tuning up. The lights dimmed slightly, the candle on the table casting a glow on my wife's white shirt, her nipples now as hard as rocks in the cool air of the club. As the band began it's first set with a slow number I took my wife by the hand and headed to floor with a few other couples. We danced a couple of songs and returned to our table to finish our drinks. Over the next couple of hours we danced and sat and danced some more, really enjoying the music and the club. As we were headed back to our table after a set we heard someone call Jolene's name through the dispersing crowd.

Turning to look back we both saw a man approaching with a big smile on his face, again calling my wife's name. Jolene looked at me then at the man and then at me and began laughing while pulling me closer to her. By the time this guy made it to our side of the dance floor I recognized him, Jolene's first husband Chris. They had been married for about a year but broke it off several years before Jolene and I got married. I had met Chris once before and he was an all right guy, Jolene had admitted she still considered him a friend. I had asked my wife about their relationship and she said they had only dated a week before they got married, had great sex but realized she could not be his wife. I had asked Jolene why she couldn't be his wife and she had told me he wanted to tag every piece of ass he saw and that kind of bugged her although she enjoyed fucking him. As he approached I could see his eyes roaming my wife's body from head to toe. So here he was now standing with us smiling down into Jolene's large breasts and reaching out to shake my hand.

The handshake was firm but quick as Chris turned and embraced my wife, giving her a long tight hug. If you have read our other adventures you will know why my cock began stirring in my pants. Jolene had frequently told me stories of Chris fucking her with his long curved cock and how she loved when he fucked her bent over a table or chair. Most of these stories were at my prompting and she never disappointed me. Jolene and Chris began talking as we continued to our table; them arm in arm and me following my wife's barely covered ass with nasty thoughts running through my deviant brain. My wife was between us at the table giving us both the treat of her fine body and as we ordered another round of drinks Chris was telling us he was in town for a few days and had come to the club with some friends of his. He was staying with a buddy and his wife while he was here on business; they were here as well as a couple of their friends. Jolene excused herself from the table to use the restroom leaving the two of us alone. We had some small talk about the weather and sports then Chris asked what I thought about Jolene and I told him she was the greatest woman in the world for me, not only smart but sexy too. He smiled as I asked him what he thought of Jolene, a smile that was deep in thought about a past memory. I was a little shocked when he came right out and said Jolene was the best sex he had ever had, how much he missed her large tits and tasty pussy.

I had not quite caught my breath as Jolene returned, not allowing me time to respond to Chris' comment. My wife took my hand in hers and slipped me something warm, damp and silky. My hand was clutching my wife's wet thong as she drew me to her and planted a long kiss on my lips. My mind was racing knowing this was a signal that Jolene wanted to fuck Chris; my cock was hard as we broke our kiss. My wife turned to Chris and asked him if would like to dance, taking his hand and guiding him to the dance floor. I stuffed my wife's panties in my pocket as they held each other close to the slow beat of music. In the dance floor lights I could see them talking and smiling, laughing and holding each other closer. Chris' hands had moved to the small of her back and my wife's arms were draped around his neck as they swayed together. My cock was hard watching my wife press her body against her ex-husband as they danced. Their legs were just about locked together as they danced, I was sure Chris wanted to fuck my wife. The set ended and as they made their way back to the table Chris was holding my wife tight around the waist causing her shirt to open revealing most of her fine tits. Chris held her chair for her as she sat down letting him take a long look at her legs as she paused with them slightly spread.

As my wife and I danced the next set she described how she could feel his hard cock pressing against her and how it made her pussy wet. She went on to tell me Chris had told her he wanted to fuck her before he left town if she was up for it. Jolene said she slipped her hand down between them and felt his cock as she whispered back she wanted to fuck him too. Jolene looked into my eyes and told me she wanted to feel his cock in her pussy again, I let my wife know it was fine with me and asked if they had anything arranged. Jolene smiled and said Chris wanted to meet her somewhere the following day. I told her we could take Chris home with us tonight or she could meet him the next day, but I wanted to know all the juicy details. At the end of the set we headed back to our table as Jolene said she would leave it to me, as she wanted me to watch them fuck.

Over the next hour our so Jolene danced with both Chris and I to the sensual music. I took advantage of every opportunity to let my hands roam over my wife's body and noticed that over time Chris was doing the same. The temperature in the club, or at least at our table was heating up as we were wearing my wife out dancing. When Jolene and Chris came off the floor just before 11:00 PM I was waiting, telling them I had paid the tab and it was time to go. Chris looked at me with a question on his face and my wife snuggled up to me and smiled at me then at him. I looked directly at Chris and told him to go tell his friends goodbye and that we would give him a ride back later tonight. As we watched Chris move quickly across the dance floor I let my hand fall to my wife's ass and slip under her skirt to feel her naked ass. Jolene looked up, we kissed, and she asked me what I had in mind. I told her I thought I should chauffer them home tonight and wanted to watch her suck and fuck her ex-husband.

Chris joined us as we turned to walk out of the club, waiting at the curb for the valet to bring our car. As the car came to the curb the valet opened both the front and rear passenger doors and was a little surprised to watch my wife slide in behind Chris in the back seat, making no effort to hide her now naked pussy from his view. As I tipped the valet I smiled at him and told him thank you, his eyes were still glued on the back seat where my wife was now sitting almost on top of Chris. We headed back home with the sound of kissing in the rear seat. I turned the mirror to take in Jolene and Chris locked together, her shirt was almost completely off, his hands roaming her tits and squeezing her nipples. As we entered the highway I watched my wife's head disappear from view and Chris' head fall back against the headrest. My wife sucks great cock and by the sounds of her slurping at Chris's cock she was giving it her best. Jolene was now on the rear seat of the car with her knees under her, her nipples resting on Chris' thighs and his fingers slipping into her wet pussy.

Pulling off the highway my wife sat up and they began kissing again, my view of her ex-husband's fingers sliding in and out of her pussy is still burned in my mind. Ten minutes later the garage door was closing behind us as I watched my wife sit up and peel off her shirt and bra. In the rear view mirror I watched Chris sucking on my wife's nipples while she held his head close to her. Jolene said she needed to be more comfortable and began reaching for the door handle of the car. We all fell out of the car about the same time, making our way into the living room. My wife directed Chris to sit on the couch as she stood in the middle of living room in only her sexy little sandals and her short very mussed up mini skirt. Jolene's nipples were large and swollen; she had the look of lust in her eyes. My wife directed me to take off my clothes and sit in one of the large chairs as she strode across the floor and lowered herself onto Chris' lap. Her skirt was bunched up around her waist and her wet pussy was pressing against his cock which was still restrained by his pants.

I was stroking my cock as my wife and her ex-husband were making out just a few feet from me, his hands roaming her breasts and barely covered ass. Jolene slid down from his lap, loosened his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled them and his underwear off his legs. Smiling back at me over her shoulder she turned again to face Chris' hard cock just in front of her. His cock was about eight or nine inches long, fairly thick but with a pretty radical curve to the left. This was the large curved cock my wife had told me about many times while we fucked. I watched as my wife's lips circled his cockhead, her tongue playing along the ridge of his cock. Jolene lowered her head down slowly over his hard shaft until she had just about the whole thing in her mouth and throat. Taking her time she began sucking and licking his cock, moving from the base to the tip, her juices shiny on his dick. Chris had her head in his hands and guided her up and down his long cock as he began telling her how good it felt and how much he missed her cock sucking. I watched my wife's cheeks fill and collapse as she sucked and could hear the slurping noise as she began an all out assault on her ex-husband's curved cock.

Jolene pulled her head from Chris' cock and told him to take off his shirt while she stood and removed her little skirt and sandals. My now naked wife climbed back on Chris' lap, this time taking his cock in her small hands and guiding it to her very wet pussy. Mesmerized by the site of her pussy being stretched by his curved cock as she settled down on it I continued to stroke my own dick. Chris now had my wife by her hips and they began fucking together, both of them grunting and breathing hard. Jolene's large tits were bouncing up and down as she demanded Chris fuck her hard and as she let go in an orgasm I could see Chris begin to contract his leg muscles as he pumped his seed into my wife's pussy. With each of the next strokes I could see his cum mixed with her cum around his cock as they continued fucking. I had just about cum in my hand when they slowed their pace and settled to a stop, their naked bodies breathing hard against each other.

As my wife slipped off of Chris' cock a string of cum dripped from her pussy to the tip of his shaft. Jolene scooped the cum up with her fingers and sucked them clean as she sat on the couch next to her ex-husband, her legs spread, revealing her cum filled cunt. Without having to ask me I moved to my knees between her thighs and began licking her freshly fucked pussy. First with slow circles of my tongue then sucking her swollen clit into my mouth I began sucking her pussy clean. Jolene held my head against her pussy as she came in my mouth; Chris was sucking her right nipple and pinching the left nipple between his finger and thumb. I had to fuck my wife and instructed her to get on her knees and spread her legs. Jolene was in front of Chris' semi hard cock, still covered with their cum, on her hands and knees as I spread her ass cheeks and slid my cock into her juicy pussy. Taking my wife by the hips I took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy, feeling the mixture of juices with each stroke. My cock was engulfed by her hot juicy pussy, the feeling of her cum filled pussy was unbelievable as I paused with each stroke into her.

Jolene was now cleaning her ex-husband's cock with her tongue and lips as I continued to give her a long slow fuck, enjoying the scene in front of me. Here was my wife's fine ass; long narrow back, slender neck and luscious lips encircling a hard cock only a few feet from me. As Chris' cock began to get harder my rhythm quickened and while my balls slapped my wife's ass I began shooting my cum into her very fuckable pussy. It seemed like I was going to cum forever as I watched my hot wife suck on her ex-husband's dick, her small hands jacking him off as her tongue swirled around his cockhead. My cock became flaccid as I sat back on my legs letting it slip from Jolene's pussy. Chris was ready to fuck again and asked my wife to lie back on the carpet. Jolene was spread eagle in the middle of the living room waiting for his hard curved cock to fuck her again. I began kissing my wife and fondling her tits as Chris pushed his dick deep into her pussy. Chris was not moving as he enjoyed the feeling of his cock buried in my wife's pussy, he was just pressing against her swollen pussy lips and telling her how good her pussy felt.

Breaking our kiss I watched as Chris took his time fucking my wife, long slow strokes, stopping occasionally and moving his hips only, really enjoying the opportunity to fuck Jolene. I was leaning against the chair watching as my wife wrapped her legs around her ex-husband and met each of his thrusts with her own. They fucked slowly and deliberately for quite some time before they began really getting into it. Chris was holding himself above my wife as he began rapidly pounding his cock into her pussy, grunting with each stroke until his ass clenched and he dropped his second load into my wife. Jolene's rapid breathing and continued moaning of "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." continued as she had another orgasm beneath her ex-husband. Chris was spent as he pulled his soft cock from my wife's pussy. I was a little surprised as Chris kissed his way down her flat stomach to her cum filled pussy and began licking and sucking her very sloppy cum filled pussy. Jolene was rubbing his head with her fingers and moaning as she turned to me and asked if Chris could spend the night. My cock was getting hard again watching my wife enjoy herself and her ex-husband. Who was I to say no?

Thanks for Being My Wife

I would like to thank you my love for an unbelievable day. The day of the two haircuts will live in my memory for a very long time. The afternoon visiting with our friend, Randy was very pleasant and I enjoyed very much the great trim job you gave me. Thank you for being the open woman you are and allowing my hands to fondle your body. I really enjoy the sexiness of you cutting my hair while I feel your fine legs and ass; I hope you cut my hair for the rest of my life. Then to watch as you cut our friend Randy's hair, doing a fantastic job of cleaning up the mess he had, was a joy in itself. Watching as you moved around him, cutting his hair and allowing him to playfully tease with you certainly turned me on, it looked like it was fun for you also. Then when I came out of the house and Randy was wearing your underwear on his head I realized you were having fun and being able to be open and sexy at the same time.

My mind's eye is filled with the vision of you in the bathroom finishing Randy's haircut. Your dress being raised above your ass as Randy playfully teased you. Then in one swift motion Randy lowered the straps of your dress and it fell from your breasts and dropped to the floor. I enjoyed the view of you blow drying his hair while your breasts were exposed just inches from his face, watching Randy's hands sliding up and down the inside of your thighs then move around your ass and cup your cheeks. After finishing Randy's haircut you slipped your dress back on and joined me in the hallway and we walked to the kitchen where the camera was. It was fun kissing you in the kitchen while Randy took our pictures. Along with the smile on your face and the fun in your laughter, these images are still with me today.

When we began playing our game, In Control, I was very aroused and excited. The first time watching you kiss Randy, your lips blending together, tongues meeting, what a turn on for all of us. Removing your dress as the first Remove Clothing card was drawn, sitting there before us with your luscious breasts exposed, your clean shaved pussy just below the table, I know I was hard and I know Randy was also. Listening to your tales when you drew the card as you described fucking Randy in the bedroom when I was trying to watch, this continued my excitement and made the game so much more fun. Taking Randy's sweater in exchange for your dress and watching you remove it when we traded the sweater for my shorts. The sight of you removing your clothes in front of our friend is very exciting. You know how turned on you make me when you wear sexy clothes or reveal yourself to others.

I marveled at your fine body sitting topless with just my shorts on. Your nipples were hard and erect and when I felt your breasts they were supple and soft. Again watching you kiss Randy across the table for the second time was a treat. My favorite view of your breasts are when you are bent over and as I sat watching you kissing your nipples were erect and your breasts were only inches from my face. Your questions about our friendship when you drew the Truth cards were fun and informative, Randy and I share the same fondness for each other and truly love you and love being with you. Your accepting my dare for you to suck on Randy's dick just inches from my face made my cock that much harder, I was stroking it under the table as I watched your lips work back and forth on his hard cock. I watched as you pulled his foreskin back and the head of his cock came out and into your mouth. Your luscious body next to me, breasts exposed, sucking on our friend, this just about made me come in my hand.

Playing more of the game added to the suspense and fun of the night and when Randy dared me to fuck you I knew I had to have you, to feel my cock slide in and out of your shaved pussy. The vision of you bent over the kitchen table, your fine figure before me, the curves of your torso, a truly vision of loveliness. Your tight ass was at the perfect level to accept my hard dick; this moment is burned into my mind. Then the feel of your wet pussy as my cock slipped in and out was pure joy. As my hands held your hips and I drove my cock into you I noticed our friend Randy watching, enthralled by the scene before him, his cock standing out in front of him. I motioned for him to take my place so I could watch my beautiful wife, bent over the table, being fucked by one of my best friends. I know you enjoyed it also as you told us to look in the mirror as Randy held your hips. His asking several times if he should come in you and your telling him yes and asking him to fuck you over and over again was incredible.

Then as I went to the floor in an effort to lick your pussy while Randy slid his cock in and out of you gave me a great view of your naked pussy and his hard cock, meeting with each thrust. Although I could not get in position to lick your pussy at that time the sight of your fucking was fantastic. After Randy shot his come into you and you both came in an orgasm the sight I will never forget filled my eyes. The strongest memory of the night is of you lying across the table on top of the game, your legs spread and your freshly fucked naked pussy so juicy and inviting. I had to lick your pussy then and as I did I could not believe how hot and sweet you tasted. As I had only started licking your pussy you started telling me to fuck you and I admit that when I slid into your pussy it was an incredible sensation. Your perfect pussy was so hot and ready to fuck and my cock was hard and ready to fuck also. Taking you by the hips I watched as Randy sucked on your nipple as I gave you everything I had, the sensation was too much and as I came you were bucking on the table. You were so hot, not just physically but visually also, lying on the table, come coating your pussy and Randy sucking on your breast. Then when you asked us to give you a hickey on your tits I knew I was in love with a woman who loves to have fun and loves to fuck. You were so nasty and I love that so much, I was and am caught up in everything about you.

When we bid our friend goodbye and went to bed the night was not over. For the first time I can remember you were really into telling a fantasy as I slid my cock into your pussy for the second time. Your telling of how you would be fucking Randy in the afternoon when I came home, describing what he would do to you and what you would do to him drove me to another orgasm. I came just as you were telling me you were going to call him on Monday to come over and fuck you in the afternoon. Your story lasted quite a while and I relished the time you spent telling it and the enjoyment you derived from being fucked while you were telling such a nasty story. Your description of the happening was painted very clearly and I can visualize coming home and finding the two of you together on our bed, fucking and sucking and enjoying each other's company and bodies. The night was capped off with your vibrator as I tried to share a similar story with you. However you had done such a visual job with your story I had a hard time concentrating on telling the story and watching you with the vibrator also.

That day was one of the most memorable days of pure sex and fun I have ever had. That day can only be topped by the times we spend alone together enjoying each other. We all had fun that day and kept perspective while we enjoyed each other's company and each other's bodies. The three of us share something very special when it comes to sex and I hope that there may other times when we can enjoy each other. I know that whenever or whatever you choose to do in the future I am anxious to be at your side. Should there not be another time when we can have such fun it is of no consequence because I cherish the memory of this day as well as the memory of other fun times we have had together.

Jolene, thank you so much for being my lover, my best friend, my confidant and most of all for being my wife. I love you with all of my heart and soul and appreciate you for the many facets of your personality and character. You are my TRUE LOVE and each day I fall more and more in love with you. The many days of our future shine bright in my eyes; I want to share everything in this world with you.

The Casino

My wife Jolene and I were invited to go to an Indian Gaming Casino in Palm Springs with a close friend of ours who is spending some time in our area. Bob has been a friend of ours for many years; my wife and I have had several intimate nights with him. Jolene and Bob have always had a sexual spark between them and I have enjoyed watching them suck and fuck each other. My wife Jolene is 5'8" with womanly figure, long tan legs, 38D breasts, curves in all the right spots and a neatly trimmed pussy I love. Both Bob and I are at six foot and although Bob weighs in at about 230 lbs I have a couple more pounds on him at about 240.

The agreement was we would meet him at the roulette tables in the casino after we checked into the hotel that is part of the casino. He was visiting relatives not too far from Palm Springs and said he would drive down to meet us so we could gamble together before he flew back home. I was to call him once we were checked in and he would head down to join us and show us around the casino, as we had never been there. My wife and I had planned to spend the weekend in Palm Springs before heading home on Sunday night. Before leaving our home Jolene slipped into a short summer dress that fell about midway down her long tanned thighs and swayed when she walked. With each step you could almost catch a glimpse of her fine firm ass. Her beautiful chest was held loosely behind the buttoned up dress, her cleavage clearly visible as the top two buttons were left open. My wife's hard nipples pressed against the thin material creating an alluring sight.

We arrived late in the afternoon and checked into the hotel at the casino. After checking in and putting our clothes away we took a long shower together, enjoying each other's bodies and company. As we were making our way from the shower to the bed there was a knock on the door. Startled we each grabbed a towel as Jolene headed to the main room and I opened the door. Our friend was standing there with a big smile on his face, holding some flowers for my wife and a bottle of rum and some cokes for all of us. I welcomed him in and as my wife rose to greet him her towel barely covered her very fuckable pussy and was just long enough to cover my wife's supple breasts. After mixing some drinks we all made ourselves comfortable. Our friend sat on the sofa as I took a seat in the overstuffed chair near the window. Jolene sat on the bed facing both of us and while we visited my wife's legs crossed and uncrossed several times revealing her naked pussy to both our friend and me.

After two drinks we decided to get dressed for dinner as evening was quickly approaching. The two of us men watched as Jolene stood up and headed toward the bathroom, dropping her towel just as she entered the bathroom giving us just a glimpse of her fine ass. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a nice shirt and joined Jolene in the bathroom where she was putting on her make up and brushing her hair. As I came up behind my wife's naked body I slipped my hands around her and as I was kissing her neck, the right side of course, I began fondling her breasts. Jolene's response was to lean back into me and spread her legs slightly so I could slip one finger in her very wet pussy. A few minutes of this was almost too much and I backed away at Jolene's request to retrieve her a pair of panties, a skirt and a blouse.

Jolene had brought some sexy clothes and as I handed her a short wraparound skirt, a bra and a blouse she asked where her panties were. I smiled as I asked my wife not to wear any panties tonight and with a nasty grin she blew me a kiss. I joined our friend in the main room as Jolene finished getting dressed. We were both blown away when Jolene exited the bathroom in her short skirt, high heels and tight fitting blouse. My wife's lacey bra accentuated her fine breasts and the blouse was open just enough to give anyone a clear view of her cleavage. As my wife walked toward us her wraparound skirt opened just enough to give us a glimpse of her tanned thighs. Sitting on the edge of the desk to load her purse my wife's skirt opened slightly revealing her legs almost up to her naked pussy. We had one more quick drink while our friend and I took in my wife's beautiful body and sexy pose.

We decided to eat in the dining room of the casino and while taking the elevator down to the first floor my wife asked if the two of us men were ready for a lucky night. This made us all laugh as I said I hope we all get lucky tonight. Our friend was smiling and mentioned he hoped he would get lucky as well as he took in my wife's beautiful breasts barely covered by her blouse. Just before the door opened Jolene gave us each a kiss and said it was for a lucky night for all of us. The people waiting on the first floor kind of chuckled as we exited because my wife's lipstick was on each of our cheeks. Jolene held both of our hands as we made our way to the dining room and to the booth selected by the headwaiter. As Jolene slid in the leather booth her skirt came open allowing the headwaiter, our friend and me a casual glimpse at her tanned thighs and neatly trimmed pussy. Our friend and I slid in on either side of my wife as we bid the headwaiter good evening. As he walked away we all had a charged laugh at what had just happened. Sitting next to Jolene in the booth I had a clear view of my wife's fine legs and I am sure Bob did also as I caught him many times looking down at them.

As we ate the conversation was light and fun, filled with old memories and just a hint of sexual tension. A couple of times Jolene mentioned that she was feeling lucky and wanted to share that feeling with us. As we talked I noticed occasionally that her hand was resting on our friend's thigh as she was talking directly to him. The thought of her hand feeling his cock made mine stand at attention. I enjoy watching my wife with other men both socially and also in the bedroom and this suited me just fine. About half way through dinner Jolene mentioned she had to go to the ladies' room and Bob immediately moved out of the booth and took her hand to help her out. Although I could not see it I am sure he caught a very nice look at my wife's beautiful pussy as she slid out of the booth. On her return there was one more button undone on her blouse that allowed both our friend and the waiter as well as myself more viewing pleasure of Jolene's chest.

After finishing dinner we decided to hit the gaming room and do some gambling. We were having a great time gambling, joking and watching Jolene's fine legs move about the room. As we played Craps my wife's breasts several times just about jumped out of her bra when she rolled the dice down the length of the table. Everyone at the table was enjoying the action and the show at our end of the table. After shooting craps for a while I sat down at a Blackjack table with Jolene while our friend went to play slots. After a couple of hands my wife mentioned she would like to play slots and scooped up her money and disappeared into the casino in search of Bob and the slot machines. I continued to play Blackjack and was doing pretty well and as I watched my wife walk away her hips were swaying seductively back and forth under her short skirt.

About an hour later I left the Blackjack table deciding to join my wife and our friend at the slot machines. I made several trips around the casino but was not able to find either of them. My mind began wandering to Bob and my wife being gone at the same time and whether they both were getting lucky or not. I sat down at a slot machine where I could see the lobby of the hotel and began dropping coins as I watched people walking around the casino. In about 20 minutes I noticed my wife as she left the lobby of the hotel headed toward the casino. Jolene was alone and instead of her short skirt and blouse she was wearing a pair of tight shorts and a man's shirt tied at her midriff. Jolene looked totally sexy as she made her way across the floor still wearing her high heels accentuating her long tanned legs. As my wife got closer I noticed the shirt she had on was our friend's and watching her breasts move I could tell she did not have a bra on now. When she was just about at my side I could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the thin light colored material of our friend's shirt and her nipples were very erect, pushing out against the thin material. Scanning her body my eyes came to rest on her pussy being tightly pressed against by the thin material of her shorts.

As my wife joined me at the slot machine she pulled me close and we had a long deep passionate kiss. Jolene's hands were roving my chest and mine were pulling her close to me as I held her tight ass in my hands. When we broke the kiss my wife smiled that sexy smile of hers and asked me to follow her to our room as she had something for me. We left the casino and headed for the elevators arm in arm as my wife turned men's heads with her provocative outfit. When we entered the elevator there were two young men about mid-twenties in the back of the elevator and they were very pleased with my wife's outfit as the door shut. As the elevator started moving I asked my wife where she had been, as I explained I could not find her earlier. Jolene moved right up next to me, sliding her hand down the front of my pants and in a lusty voice she said, "I have been a very naughty wife!" just loud enough for the two young men to hear.

With the two young men craning their necks to hear and trying not to stare directly at my wife's tight ass and barely covered breasts she continued, "I met a friend in the casino and asked him if he was feeling lucky!" Knowing the young men were tuned in I asked her how lucky our friend was as I slid one hand behind her and cupped her ass in my hand. My wife's leg wrapped around mine as she told me "Our friend got very lucky, in fact I think he won the jackpot!" just as she slid her tongue in my waiting mouth. The elevator was mirrored and I could see the two men watching our every move as we continued kissing. The elevator stopped at a random floor and the doors opened but there was nobody there. We had broken our kiss when the doors opened and my wife had turned so her back was to me and was pressed tightly to my body. Jolene was standing in front of me facing the mirrored doors of the elevator.

As the elevator doors closed again Jolene took my hands from around her waist and moved them up to her chest holding them tight against her supple tits. In the mirror we could see the two young men looking at each other then at us. Knowing our floor was coming up soon my wife moved her hands away from her chest and in doing this untied the shirt and spread the shirt wide enough to reveal her luscious breasts. As this was happening my wife asked me rather lustily "Are you feeling lucky dear?" At this point I began massaging her breasts and rolling her nipples in my fingers as I kissed her neck. The doors opened on our floor and we left two horny young men in the elevator wondering what was happening.

When we got to our room my wife's shirt was just about completely off and just before we entered she looked at me and asked if I was ready for a surprise. I told her whatever the surprise was I was ready for it. Walking into the main room I could see the bed was completely in shambles as if someone had a wrestling match on it. I could hear the shower running but was totally consumed by Jolene's seductive nature. As she peeled her shirt completely off and squirmed out of her tight shorts I noticed she had on a pretty white G-string. The G-string was coming off as my wife lay on the messed up bed and spread her legs to me. Looking down to her beautiful pussy I could see cum leaking from her neatly trimmed pussy lips while she was motioning me with her finger to join her on the bed.

In an instant I was undressed and crawling between my wife's legs as she started telling me how she had come to this condition. I licked and sucked her well-fucked pussy as my wife told me that when she met up with our friend he asked her if she was ready to get lucky. Jolene asked Bob what he had in mind and he said a toss of a quarter, heads she gave him head, tails and he would give her head. The quarter went up and it landed on heads. Within seconds he had taken my wife by the hand and headed to the elevator on the way to our room. I was rolling my wife's nipples in my fingers as I continued eating her pussy while she described undressing in front of our friend and then moving to her knees to take his cock out of his pants. I listened as she described sucking his cock while he undressed. As I slid a finger in my wife's pussy she told me how he had pulled her up to him and kissed her while moving toward the bed. Once on the bed Bob had licked her pussy just as I was doing now. After Jolene's initial orgasm our friend asked to take her doggie style so he could watch himself fuck her in front of the mirror. My wife told me how erotic it knowing I was downstairs while she was upstairs fucking our friend Bob.

About this time my cock was so hard I was about to explode and I turned my wife over so she could again get in the doggie position. I had a lovely view of her freshly fucked pussy, her lips swollen with sex and her fine ass poised in front of me. My cock wasted no time in plunging into her wet pussy as my wife was telling me to grab her by the hips while fucking her harder. I watched my wife's breasts swaying under her in the mirror as she described our friend fucking her hard and pulling on her hips with each of his thrusts. With one hand on my wife's hip and the other moving to her hard nipples we began our fucking in earnest, topped of by a very powerful orgasm as I pumped my cum into Jolene's wet pussy. I continued sliding my cock in and out of my wife's slick pussy, as it seemed my cock would not relax or subside. Jolene continued to purr softly as I worked my cock in and out of her cum filled pussy.

As we started to slow down and relax I looked up to see our friend standing to the side of us with his hard cock in his hand. Jolene lay face down on the bed with her legs spread slightly, a puddle of cum forming on the bed just under her pussy. Bob made his way over the bed and offered my wife his hard cock. As my nasty, sexy, sluttish wife lay on the bed with cum oozing from her pussy she took our friends cock in her mouth and began licking his shaft up and down. I watched as Jolene's mouth engulfed Bob's cock and her cheeks go concave as she began sucking our friend's hard on. My wife was pumping Bob's cock with one hand as she slurped his dick in and out of her mouth. Bob grasped my wife by the hair with both hands as he erupted into her mouth sending his cum down her throat and oozing from her lips. Jolene tried to lick his cock clean and also lick her lips clean as she rolled over on her back. I was on my knees looking down at my beautiful wife, her cum soaked pussy and her face partially covered with Bob's cum. Jolene had a well fucked glow about her and a smile on her face.

My wife rolled off the bed and headed toward the bathroom to take a shower and clean up. Bob and I sat naked on the sofa with a drink and toasted our good luck for the evening. I asked Bob how he had enjoyed being alone with my wife and he went on to explain the hour or so they spent together. Our friend explained that after they undressed and before having sex they laid together and kissed for about a half an hour which really turned them both on. Bob continued as he told me how he had slid his cock into my wife and had to hold back because he was about to cum instantly. They kissed again for a while after their fuck session before Jolene left to find me. As Bob was finishing his story my wife came from the bathroom and agreed she too enjoyed kissing our friend. I suggested she show me how much she enjoyed it as she crossed the floor and dropped her towel.

Jolene asked me to mix her a drink as she sat sideways on Bob's naked lap. I returned with her drink to find my wife and our good friend locked in a passionate embrace. Jolene was running her hand over Bob's chest as their mouths were locked together. Bob for his part had one hand lightly fingering her pussy while he held her closely with his other large hand. I watched as occasionally their tongues snaked into each other's mouths. Bob's free hand was moving between my wife's pussy and her hard nipples. My cock was growing again watching my nasty wife sitting naked on our friend's lap kissing and fondling. Bob's fingers were probing my wife's pussy as I heard Jolene start breathing hard and gasping in an orgasm. I sat stroking my cock as I watched Bob's finger continue slowly moving in and out of my wife's slick pussy, coated with her cum. My cock was hard in my hand as Jolene stood and spread her legs standing in front of Bob. I could see between her spread legs that Bob was hard again, his cock standing tall.

I watched as my beautiful wife lowered her pussy down onto our friend's cock, almost sitting on him as his shaft disappeared into her hot box. Jolene was facing me and smiling as Bob began fucking her. I watched my wife's hands move to her breasts and begin pulling on her own nipples as our friend held her by the waist meeting each of her movements with his own. I stood and walked across the room jacking myself off as I continued to watch Bob's cock slide in and out of my wife's pussy. As I stood in front of Jolene I began shooting my cum on her chest and nipples, watching her fingers slide the creamy load over her chest. Bob was in a slow motion movement as he too began cumming in my wife's pussy. As I stood in front of Jolene I could see Bob's cum leaking from her and sliding down his still hard cock. Jolene was tossing her head slowly back and forth as she slowed down and settled on Bob's now softening cock.

As Jolene separated from our friend her pussy was oozing cum and she had cum all over her chest. My wife smiled at me and taking my soft cock in her hand led me to the bed where she told me to lick her pussy clean. As I was sucking her clit and running my tongue over her pussy she was telling me how much she loved fucking and how much she enjoyed fucking our friend Bob. As Jolene began cumming again I sucked her clit into my hungry mouth and held her ass cheeks as she lifted herself from the bed. When my wife finally stopped squirming I got up and headed to the bathroom to collect some washcloths to clean her and me up. As I went to the bathroom and returned I saw that Bob was sitting in a chair he had turned and was watching me lick his cum from my wife's pussy.

It was late and as I cleaned my wife up she asked Bob to come lay with us in bed. Jolene and I kissed a little while before my wife turned and kissed Bob good night. I fell asleep with my wife's hand resting on my cock not knowing what her hand was doing with Bob's cock. The next morning I woke alone in bed naked, the covers pulled down to the floor. As I rose from bed I could see Bob sitting in a chair facing the open window looking out. As I approached from behind I saw my wife's beautiful head in my friend's lap, sucking voraciously on his hard cock. I stood and watched my wife's lips engulf Bob's shaft and then raised to circle the head of his cock with her tongue. Watching Jolene pump our friend's cock and then lick it's length made my cock hard. I knew this was going to be a great day!

Three by Three the Beginning

My beautiful wife, Jolene, is 5” 6” and weighs 135 pounds. Her blonde hair and hazel eyes set off a smile that is out of this world. Her shape has the classical curves of a buxom blonde bombshell with the nicest legs you can imagine. The first day I met Jolene I knew I wanted her to be my wife. That was ten years ago and although we have only been married a few years I am in love with her more every day. I love to watch her turn heads when we are in public and I love the way she and I sometimes make love and sometimes wildly fuck when we are in private. I had told Jolene everything about my previous marriage including having had threesomes with my best friend, Joe, and my ex-wife. Jolene explained she would not consider having a threesome or anything like that, it just wasn’t for her. I accepted that as perfectly satisfactory and knew our sex lives together would be fantastic with or without any type of adventures.

It started quite unexpectedly and that may one of the reasons it was so exciting and fun. Jolene and I had traveled to another city for a company training that was to be given by my best friend Joe. We had made arrangements to spend two evenings in the hotel where the training was being held. The first night we met up with Joe and one of the other trainers and had a few drinks in the hotel bar with them. While in the bar I noticed Joe was checking out Jolene and Jolene was giving the eye back to Joe. My wife had on a short summer dress and every time she crossed or uncrossed her legs Joe, as well as the other trainer, was captivated by her luscious thighs. Several times while bending forward to reach her drink my wife’s breasts nearly fell from her loose fitting dress, a view that was not lost on Joe. We visited about many things from work to play and had a great night. At the end of the evening we all retired to our respective rooms.

The following day the training went well and afterwards Jolene, Joe and I went to the bar to have one quick drink before dinner. One drink led to two and then to many more. Eventually we were all feeling rather tipsy and decided to go back to Joe’s room where he had a little smoke waiting. Jolene and I stopped at our room to change out of our business attire and while I was watching my beautiful wife slip into a very short skirt that barely covered her neatly trimmed pussy and tight cotton tank top I asked her to leave her panties off. Jolene frequently goes without underwear under her pants and occasionally with a skirt or dress. I was very surprised when she said ok with a flash of her great smile. I always enjoy the thought of her bare pussy under her skirt or dress and the pleasure it gives others and me when a quick glimpse or flash occurs. As Jolene stood next to me I ran my hand up the inside of her thighs to find her pussy quite warm and wet. The skirt is so short, loose and flared, you can almost see her fine ass when she moves and I was sure our friend Joe was going to enjoy Jolene in the skirt. We were pretty buzzed from drinking as we closed our hotel room door and headed toward Joe’s room.

On the way to Joe’s room I had forgotten my drink in our room and I told Jolene I would meet up with her in a minute. Joe’s room was just down the hall and my wife continued down the hall her short skirt swaying from her fine hips. I retrieved my drink and made my way down the hall to join my wife and best friend. When I entered Joe’s room my beautiful wife was sitting on Joe’s leg, her arm was draped over Joe’s shoulder as he rolled up a joint. Joe had changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and had put on some soft rock music. By the way Jolene’s skirt was sitting I knew her bare pussy was against Joe’s leg and her braless breasts were pressed against Joe’s chest. I sat across from Jolene and Joe on the sofa knowing that my wife’s pussy was probably hot and wet pressing on Joe’s muscular thigh. Of course at this time my imagination began developing fantasies about a threesome. I could in my mind’s eye see my lovely wife sucking Joe’s cock while I fucker her from behind.

We were feeling no pain and by the time we finished the joint we were all pretty buzzed. Joe had to get up to go the restroom and when he did Jolene laid down on the bed. My wife was laying on her stomach and her fine ass was totally exposed as the skirt had risen up when she laid down on the bed. Her white thong bikini line accentuated her tan cheeks as it disappeared in her tight ass. I could just make out her moist blonde pussy as she had her legs close together, her feet just dangling from the end of the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and began to fondle her firm ass and kiss her lightly. About this time Joe came back from the bathroom and took his seat at the desk looking somewhat surprised at the scene that presented itself. I looked at Jolene and when she smiled devilishly I motioned Joe over the bed. In the next few minutes we were all naked, no one had to speak or ask questions as Jolene began sucking on my hard cock. Joe moved between her legs and began licking her neatly trimmed pussy. My wife was on her stomach sucking and licking my dick as Joe was fondling her ass and licking her slit. Jolene liked this so much she turned over laid back on the bed while Joe really went at it.

I began kissing her and sucking on her erect nipples while watching my best friend eagerly suck and lick my wife’s pussy. The three of us were totally in the moment and writhing around on the bed until we fell off the end of the bed in a fit of laughter. When we scrambled back onto the bed Jolene began sucking Joe’s cock while on her hands and knees. I moved up between my wife’s legs and slid my dick into her waiting pussy. I was really turned on watching my wife suck on Joe’s cock as I held her by her hips and pumped in and out of juicy pussy. Soon I was shooting my load deep into my wife with long hard strokes. Joe’s large hands were roaming her whole body, squeezing and tugging on her erect nipples. I lay back for a minute and watched as Jolene moved up from Joe’s cock to lock in a passionate embrace. Joe and my wife explored each other’s bodies while making out on the bed.

I was still turned on as I really get off on watching this type of action, especially now that my beautiful wife Jolene was in the middle of it. I had my now hard cock in my hand and was slowly jacking off. While Jolene was stroking Joe’s cock and they were kissing my head began to spin. In a moment I found myself in the bathroom very sick and dizzy. Unfortunately this put a momentary damper on the evening as Jolene came to help me out. Once I got squared away Joe who had also came to help decided to take a shower. As I sat contentedly on the bathroom floor watching Joe enter the shower and then helping my wife into the shower with him. Joe took his time lathering my beautiful wife with soap and shampoo, his hands roaming slowly over her body, massaging her breasts, fondling her ass and holding her close. Jolene for her part had lathered up Joe from head to toe, spending ample time on his manhood. As the shower slowly washed the soap suds from their bodies I was treated to a great view of my naked wife giving Joe head as water cascaded over their bodies. It wasn’t long before Joe’s legs tightened and he held my wife’s head as she sucked the cum from his cock. Jolene stood as she swallowed my best friends spunk and blew me a kiss as I sat smiling, watching my two best friends. As they were standing in the shower kissing my wife was pulling on Joe’s flaccid dick, his hands were fondling her supple tits.

As the shower was turned off they stepped out and toweled each other dry. We all went back into the bedroom where Jolene and Joe laid on the bed while I took a seat in a comfortable chair to watch. They were lying together, Joe on top of my wife, their legs intertwined, bodies pressed tightly to each other. Joe was feeling her tanned soft body and kissing her deeply. I could tell Joe was feeling a little out of sorts with my watching their every move and I asked Jolene if I should go back to our room and leave them alone for a bit. She said that would be ok with her if it were ok with me. I left my two best friend laying together on Joe’s bed kissing and fondling each other’s bodies.

When I got back to our room all I could do was stroke my cock for over half an hour thinking of Jolene and Joe together in his room. Images of my wife sucking his cock and Joe eating her pussy followed by visions of Joe’s cock sliding in and out of Jolene’s trimmed blonde pussy kept my cock hard. After jacking off to the visions dancing in my imagination I decided I should check on them and possibly witness my fantasy first hand. When I entered Joe’s room I found Jolene and Joe lying naked on the bed in an embrace kissing each other as when I left. I sat down and the three of us chatted for a while, I in the chair and Jolene and Joe together on the bed. After a bit my wife rose from the bed and slipped on her short skirt, the one that started this all! Next Jolene pulled on her tank top and bent down to give Joe a quick kiss goodbye. We left Joe laying naked on his bed with a smile on his face.

Jolene and I returned to our room to prepare for the journey home. While we were packing Jolene explained that things just didn’t work out for Joe getting off again and that they had spent the time kissing and fondling, although Joe did spend enough time licking her pussy to bring her to an orgasm. My wife explained that Joe had used his large middle finger to slowly stroke in and out of her pussy while he nibbled and licked her clit, bringing her to the edge several times before she ultimately convulsed in an orgasm. The next morning we stopped at Joe’s room on the way out and bid him goodbye. Everyone was feeling good and comfortable with the events of the previous evening although Jolene and I were thinking how good it would have been to have Joe really get his rocks off the previous night. Not much more was said about the previous night other than an occasional comment in fun. Jolene did say that she enjoyed it very much as it was her first threesome experience, but would have enjoyed it much better if we all hadn’t been so buzzed. Jolene gave Joe a lingering kiss goodbye; I gave him a hug as he and I said our goodbyes.

Over the next couple of months we would joke with Joe on the telephone about the size of cocks, getting too buzzed other aspects of our weekend together. Jolene seemed very comfortable with the joking and with our new relationship with Joe. Many nights my wife and I discussed the events of that weekend while lying in bed considering where our sex life would go from there. We were not sure an adventure like that would ever happen again but it sure spiced up our sex life! Quite often our bedroom talk would lead to wild sex as we role-played the weekend with each other, my playing both Joe’s and my parts in various scenarios. On several occasions we fantasized about if we had picked up a stranger in the hotel bar instead of Joe and how wild that would have been. We talked with Joe just frequently enough to keep the spark of fun and adventure in the wind. Joe threatened that if he were ever to fly through our area he would definitely drop in and take advantage of my beautiful wife. Joe’s well intended threat lead to many fantasies and role-playing.

Last week as a surprise Joe stopped at our home for a stay over on his way to another training seminar. The afternoon of his arrival we were all in the living room enjoying conversation and planning our dinner arrangements. Several drinks were quickly dispatched and the conversation was light and fun. We were getting ready to go to dinner and I went upstairs to get a shirt and while upstairs decided to use the bathroom. As I was at the top of the stairs unbuttoning my pants Jolene who was standing at the bottom of the stairs noticed I wasn’t wearing underwear. This prompted her to ask Joe if he was wearing underwear, her little smile turning to that wicked look I know and love. I lost track of their conversation when I went to the restroom.

When I returned downstairs Joe was standing in the middle of the living room with his hard cock proudly in front of him while Jolene was helping him out of his underwear and shorts while tugging on his cock. I was very pleasantly surprised as Jolene and I had not talked about this happening again. Joe said he needed to take a shower and headed upstairs to clean up. Jolene asked Joe if he needed some help and suggested they shower together in our bathroom. I watched as they headed up the stairs peeling their clothes off the whole way. I was close behind not wanting to miss a thing and enjoying the fun. Joe and Jolene stepped naked into the shower and I headed for the digital camera.

It was rather quite in the shower when I returned and I slipped the camera over the curtain and snapped a quick digital shot. While Jolene and Joe were soaping and kissing I took several pictures of the two of them together. From there I took some pictures of my beautiful wife sucking on Joe’s cock and swirling her tongue around its head. Before Joe could lose his load Jolene stood up and they kissed while my wife continued to tug on Joe’s cock. Joe turned her around and slipped his cock in between her legs. I have a great shot of Joe holding Jolene by the hips and pulling her into him. She is bent slightly at the waist; her firm stomach accentuated by her large breasts and erects nipples. They are both wet and hot, wow what a picture! I still have it in my mind’s eye!

Jolene pulled away from Joe telling him she wanted all of us to play on the bed. After they toweled each other off they moved to the bedroom where I was already laying on the bed with my cock pointed to the air. Jolene crawled across the bed and began sucking on my dick that was just about to explode. Jolene was pumping up and down on my cock; her cheeks were billowing in and out as she sucked me off. Joe moved in behind my wife who was on her knees and elbows. Easily Joe slipped his cock into Jolene and began fucking her from behind. Joe had his hand on her hips and the rhythm of the three of us fucking became one. Jolene was moaning, bucking against Joe and sucking on my cock. I had the most wonderful view of my beautiful wife having the fantasy come true she had told me about after our trip. I was watching her tits move as she did, watching her suck my cock in the greatest way and watching Joe toss and turn his head as he came inside my wife. Another memory burned into my mind’s eye! The three of us built to the point of explosion and incredibly we all came at once. My wife was sucking the cum from my cock as Joe was driving himself deep into her hot pussy. Jolene was writhing in the moment and as we all came down we slowed down, relaxing in each other’s grasp. It had been so intense that I had completely forgotten about the camera and anything else in the world. I don’t remember having as an intense moment in any other threesome I have been involved with. This was truly a moment of lust, passion and raw energy.

Another very quick shower and we were dressed and out the door to meet another friend for dinner. Dinner conversation danced around the afternoon’s activities while our guest was completely unaware of our table talk. On our return home Jolene, Joe and I were pretty buzzed from having smoked a joint with our friend. We headed upstairs to go to bed. Joe disappeared into our guest room as my wife and I retired to our bedroom. While Jolene and I were laying in our bed she asked if she should check on Joe. I told her to take her time but to hurry back! The vision of my wife’s firm tanned ass as it swayed down the hallway toward the guest room stirred my sleeping cock. Jolene went to the guest room and slowly opened the door as she slipped in and turned off the light. I remained in our bed, straining to listen to the sounds from the other room. Occasionally I could hear moaning and heavy breathing. I was stroking myself to the imagery of my wife fucking Joe. The guest room bed creaked and the walls were thumping for a while then the sounds faded away and a silence came from the room.

In a minute or two my wife came bounding back into our bedroom with a smile on her face. Jolene went to the bathroom then came to our bed where I immediately went to licking her freshly fucked pussy. As I licked her pussy, tasting the sex of both Joe and my wife, Jolene was telling me how she blew him, how they kissed and how he fucked her. I couldn’t take any more and moved up to drive my cock into her hot cum filled pussy. We fucked like animals as I let loose my second load for the day into my hot wife and her hungry pussy. We were both drained and spent, drifting off to sleep that night in each other’s arms. Early the next morning I woke Joe so he could get to the airport. Jolene was wearing a short t-shirt as she was making a quick breakfast for the three of us. We visited while we ate before Joe said he had to leave, Jolene and I wished him a good trip as he moved toward the front door. Joe thanked both of us for the hospitality and as he was leaving my wife and he had one last lingering kiss. Joe would be returning in about a week on his way home and I was wondering what would happen the next time…but that is a story for another time.


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